Color video intercoms

In the Internet there are a lot of articles about intercoms that include recommendations, analysis of its work and distinctive features.



In our opinion in these articles there is little information about color video intercoms. As a reason to choose black-white device the authors argue that they are not expensive and have good image quality. That’s absolutely true that black-white camera is more sensitive and black-white intercom is less expensive than color one, but the progress doesn’t stay still and the rapid development of electronic industry leads to erasing the cost and quality boundaries between the color and black-white video intercom systems all-in-all and in particular. Look at the market of the CCTV monitors! All TFT monitors are color, and the industrial segment of the black-white monitors with cathode-ray tube tends toward zero. The reason for this is the improvement of color video intercom characteristics. Their resolution ability and sensitivity, especially in cameras «day-and-night», do not fall short of analogous black-white cameras with incomparable higher information content of the color image and better comfort for the operator.

All this can be relegated to color video intercom systems whether it is simple individual system for the flat or office, or advanced multilevel system for a large cottage village or multi apartment housing estate.

Due to the usage of up-to-date color cameras «day-night» that automaticallyswitch on black-white mode or additional IR-lightning at night-time, andoutdoor panels with high resolution and perfect color rendering, the color video intercoms became as popular as black-white analogues.

The installation of the unattractive vandal-proof outdoor panel in front of the entrance of the building made of marble and other expensive materials is absolutely non-sense!

A beautiful outdoor panel out of latten or elegant panel with exclusive blue lightning of the display and call-button will fit much better. Such panels are designed with usage of color cameras with usual lens, not the «pin-hole» type, that have smaller lens aperture and optical sensitivity in common.