Slinex MA-08 is an additional extension module for the Slinex MA-01CRHD, MA-02CRHD, MA-03CRHD and MA-04CRHD panels. Using this module, you can connect up to 16 apartments additionally to the above-mentioned outdoor panels (with a connection of two modules simultaneously).

This module is a universal solution for those, who need modern equipment with the possibility of connecting a small number of apartments to the intercom system or its additional extension.


Where it can be used
This module in the complex with panels MA-01CRHD/02CRHD/03CRHD/04CRHD is ideal for installation in a small apartment complex as well as in an office with a small number of employees or a private company. The device can be installed both inside and outside the room.

The device works stably in a wide range of temperatures: from -40° to + 65 °C.


Appearance and camera
The module is made of brushed aluminum and is presented in one color solution – "silver". Universal Design MA-08 will complement the main panel and decorate the modern exterior of the building.

The additional module has an IP65 class of protection, which testifies to resistance to external atmospheric influences.


Interoperability with additional devices
This module is designed to be used in conjunction with the MA-01CRHD, MA-02CRHD, MA-03CRHD and MA-04CRHD outdoor panels from which the module is also powered.


Flush mounting bracket

1. Prepare the recess in the wall at the location of the intended installation, at a height of 150-160 cm from the floor.

2. Fix the flush mount bracket into the wall.

3. Connect the communication wires of the outdoor panel and fix the panel on the bracket with the 2 bolts included in the complete set on the side of the lower face.


Slinex MA-08 is a unique extension module in stylish design. It allows you to extend the intercom system up to 20 apartments.


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186×110×34 mm

Operating temperature

-40 – +65 °С


Name plates backlight


Device type
Extension unit for MA-01CRHD/02CRHD/03CRHD/04CRHD
Body structure
Metal alloy
Protection class
Power supply
From MA-01CRHD/02CRHD/03CRHD/04CRHD panel
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