First impression
Slinex SM-04M is a compact and at the same time functional video intercom that will conquer you not only with its elegant design but also with a set of technical capabilities offered at a rather budget price. Do not let the size of this device mislead you. Despite the small size, it has a built-in memory and power supply.

Where to use
You can install a video intercom SM-04M in your apartment, office, store, or any other facility. Due to its small size and built-in power supply, the device does not require much space, and you can even place it wherever you wish.

The main features of the model
The list of the impressive features of the intercom SM-04M should start with the internal memory that is sufficient for 250 shots. It is 2 times more than any other intercom of this class offers.

Among the individual user settings, it is possible to set a separate ringtone for each of the outdoor panels, selecting from 16 available melodies. You will find this function useful if you have two entrances and two outdoor panels, respectively. You can immediately determine the door from which the call is coming by the melody. You can also adjust the volume of the call and the volume of the talk.

Another useful function is the opportunity to adjust the opening time of the lock. At the first glance, this function is not the most necessary for an intercom, but on a closer examination, you will understand how convenient it can be. You set a certain time to close the lock and, in case your guests have lingered a bit on the doorstep, you do not have to go back to the door and open it again, as the lock is open for an extended period.

The device is controlled with touch buttons located below the display.

Appearance and display
The SM-04M is the intercom with the smallest screen in the Slinex line. It will occupy slightly more space than a conventional audio handset, but will still provide its owner with many different functions.

The dimensions of the intercom are very compact, namely 118×169×20 mm. The device is presented in two colors, silver and silver with black.
The SM-04M has a 4-inch TFT screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 320×240.

Device compatibility with additional components
The SM-04M is compatible with almost all analog outdoor panels that support PAL/NTSC standards, as well as with all analog CCTV surveillance cameras regardless of the manufacturer. You can connect up to 4 monitors, 2 cameras, and 2 outdoor panels into one system.

Delivery set
The video intercom – 1 pc.
Wall mount bracket – 1 pc.
Wires for connection – 5 pcs.
Set of mounting screws and dowels for installation – 1 set.
User's manual – 1 pc.

Brief guide for intercom installation
1. Place the bracket in the location of the intended installation;
2. Drill the required number of holes in the wall (4);
3. Place the dowels from the set in the holes;
4. Fix the bracket with screws;
5. After connecting the required communication wires, fix the intercom on the bracket.

This intercom is perfect for any room. It will work equally well in an apartment or an office. SM-04M is designed specifically for those users who appreciate the compactness and attractive appearance.

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4” color TFT screen 4:3


118×169×20 mm


Adjustable call and conversation volume


• Separate melody of call for each panel
• 16 polyphonic ringtones
• Adjustable time of lock opening


Screen resolution
Outdoor panels quantity
Additional video cameras quantity
250 photos in the internal memory
Power consumption
Up to 6W
All characteristics